Karl Wilhelm Löff

Sculptor & Painter & Conservator

Karl W. Löff is known worldwide for his experimental sculptures of enamel, large scale sculptures of stone and Wood and Offset-Paintings, which grace numerious public and private collections.

His works are prominently exhibited in many European cities as will as throughout Asia (Japan, China).

The application area of his art-work is the human beging at himself and his connection to his enviroment.

Karl W. Löff is studiing the polymorphic of human stature - to transfer into abstraction and lead it back to an antropogenic outline.

Prefered Materials & Techniques:

Marble, Artificial Marble, Sandstone, Wood, Iron, Experimental Enamel, Offset-Techniques, Relief Printing-Techniques, Lafarge-Cast


Adress: Zschokkegasse 34, 1220 Vienna, Austria

Telephone number: 00431/2834469

Mobile phone: 0043 - 664/73280612





Studio: Kunstfabrik (stadlau), Rothergasse 2, 1220 Vienna, Austria